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What time in the day, you are available to provide services for the storage space?
For example, to assist with the check-in and out of the customer.

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Key provided
Are you providing keys for the storage space?
Remember you can charge slightly more when providing keys.

Storage unavailable dates
If you are going to be away for holidays or any other reason and no one can assist with the storage space, please select these dates in the calendar below to avoid any disagreement. You can change the dates at any point later from your dashboard.

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The space available
Please provide us with an estimation of the size your space.
You can choose from 0 to 2000 ft2.

Please fill in the boxes that suits you with fair prices and leave the other boxes empty.

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Recurring Payments
If you accept recurring payments, please choose the minimum period of time for recurring payments on a monthly and/or weekly basis.

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£ Deposit

Multiple Units
How many storage units with the same size do you have in this specific location?

of the same space

Photos & Description

Description of the space


The protection cost £3 per month for every space being used and have active bookings on it.

We will only collect the insurance fees from the bookings made and never directly from your card.

Please check our Insurance Policy for more details.

Cancellation Policy
Choose a cancellation policy that suits you and your space the most.

Photos of the space


Shooting pictures in landscape mode and from corners gives a good perspective. Photos look much better in daytime. More pictures, less waiting. We advise on 3 quality photos at least.

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