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What is Storzy and how does it work?

Storzy provides a flexible way to store your belongings, whether that be goods or cars. Hosts are able to list their unused space on Storzy and connect to people who needs a storage space. Renters can choose the most suitable storage using search filters and then book it instantly.

How do I book a place on Storzy?

It’s simple! Enter the location and dates that suits you. The options available near you will all be displayed. Search for the most suitable storage option depending on your preferences, click and book. The Host will respond shortly and then all you need to do is move your belongings to the space on the required dates.

How do I create an account?

We made it easier for you. Focus on your needs and only when you are sure and want to book or list your space, we will ask for your details. Your account can be used to list or book spaces.

Why there are different cancellation policies?

There are three different cancellation policies ranging from flexible to strict in order to support different type of storage rents. We advise a flexible cancellation policy for short period of storage and a strict one for the long periods.

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