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Frequently Asked Questions

The Top Renter and Host Questions Answered

I'm renting a space with Storzy...

Hosts will respond shortly to your booking request, once accepted you can move in your belongings on the agreed dates. You will then be able to contact the storage host to chat about any queries you have.
We require ID from everyone to verify users and keep our platform safe. By monitoring users’ behaviour we aim to prevent any misconduct or fraudulent activities. We work closely with authorities to give everyone a peace of mind whilst using Storzy.
We try to ensure that bookings are genuine and made in good faith. Therefore we require renters to add their payment details. Providing these details also ensures direct payment at the right time if you decide to proceed with your booking.
Sure! Just check the host cancellation policy. We have created three different cancellation options to suit each host and their policy.
Each storage space has its own characteristics and features. Therefore, the property owner decides a suitable price determined by the location, features, size and demands.
Prices vary due to spaces having daily, weekly, monthly and yearly price plans. Depending on what type of renter you are, you can then choose the price plan that suits you best. For example, businesses are more likely to be monthly or yearly renters and tend to choose this price plan. Hosts can also determine whether they want long term or short-term renters through this model.
Storzy will hold the renter’s payment until the booking has been confirmed by the host. The host will be paid at the end of the agreed rental period. The payment will be terminated if the renter decides to cancel if abiding by the terms of the cancellation policy.
Hosts will be paid monthly throughout yearly rental agreements. We will be there to ensure good conduct, trust and insurance for both parties involved.
Any goods are protected and insured up to £500 when storing with Storzy. Cars cannot be insured with us and need to be insured through the driver’s insurance company.
There are NO hidden fees. We display all of our fees structure before you pay.
You can request extending your booking from the booking page in your Dashboard.
You can cancel your booking at any time, or you can contact your host directly to end your booking.

I'm hosting a space with Storzy...

It depends on the type of storage space you have, its features, amenities, size and demands of the region you are located in. You can compare your listing to others in your region. We will offer smart pricing module soon to help you with your pricing model. If you are still hesitating, please contact us and we will help you decide.
You can set the prices when your filling your listing details or you can change this from your dashboard.
We advise hosts to check the prices of options available in their area, this can include the prices of storage companies and storage spaces advertised on Storzy.
You can change the price of your listing by going to your dashboard and checking listings. This will show all of the details including the price.
Hosts pay a small commission fee for using the platform which includes VAT. There are no additional fees.
If you are a company, please get in touch.
Hosts will be paid after the end of the rental period.
You will find payment details and transactions on your Stripe dashboard.
Hosts need to ensue listings are correct and updated frequently. Furthermore, hosts need to take care of renter’s belongings and provide a good service in order to gain credibility and trust with customers.
Our hosts are verified through different channels with our Insurance partners Guardhog and Payment Processor Stripe.
Hosts need to try and reach an agreement with the renter directly. If this cannot be done, the host should contact Storzy directly for us to interfere and mediate between both parties according to our Cancellation policies and the information that we have.