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About Our Company

About our Company

Our Mission

Storzy’s mission it to provide nearby, affordable, flexible, fast and eco-friendly storage solution for everyone.

Storzy is known for its customer centric service. Helping renters and storage hosts by making our platform easy to use, secure and providing a variety of choice in storage solutions for every customer. Moreover, Storzy uses its technology to take into consideration guests’ criteria and preferences to match them with the perfect host in their community.

Not only providing you with storage solutions, we connect you with our trusted partners, to accommodate your whether it’s insurance or processing payments, we are here for you!

Our Story

Storzy was founded in Bristol, in the middle of the COVID-19 Crisis. Storzy was created with the intention of reducing unnecessary expansions and a deep care for the environmental impact of our actions. Due to the need for a quick and affordable storage, with keeping in mind the deforestation caused by large self-storage facilities, Storzy was born.

This Self-Storage Marketplace idea came from a young man who was helping his friend to store his belongings in an unused garage as a storage space.

With the help of Kim Brookes, a finance expert and Mark Corderoy, a tech-savvy, the company was founded and resides in UWE Launch Space Incubator. Since the joining of the new team members, Storzy has shown signs of rapid growth in a fast-paced environment.

Storzy seeks to provide a better way of storing goods by using disruptive technology to provide a better service within the storage industry. 1% of our revenue is donated to environmental charities and non-profit organisations.

Spaces With

We offer a variety of storage spaces from car parking to warehouses. Each space has a customer satisfaction rating and safety and security rankings and a whole list of other features to help you decide on which storage space is right for you.

Our Awesome Team

Business Advisor

Mark Corderoy

Tech Savvy


Samer Ouerfelli



Esmee Augustijn


Business Advisor

Kim Brookes

Finance Expert


Danielle Doran

Graphic Designer

Capryce Montford

Web Developer

Adam Szczygiel

UX/UI Designer

Jordan McConville